Jj Grey And Mofro – On Palastine tab

On Palastine
By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

Intro em D am em 

            em                  D                               
That stormy morning felt like a dream 
           am                  em                                                        
he told me then  of what he'd seen 

          em                  D                                         
A child a man  in times gone bad 
          am                   em                                       
faces of stone  lined hard and sad 

em                            D                   
One Sunday day  they all came home 
              am                    em              
all that they had  was burned and gone 
           em                  D                        
The timber men  their pistols gleamed 
           am             em                      
a lifetime lost  on Palastine 

          em                  D                   
He made a stand  he would not run 
               am                     em                
he dropped the hoe  and picked up the gun 

             em             D                               
And then one night he disappeared 
           am                  em                     
it fed the worst of all their fears 

           em                   D
They found him quiet  high in a tree 
        am              em                               
he flew away  from Palastine
              em               D                        
Then came the day  they moved away 
            am                   em                                             
more gunmen came they could not stay 

            em        D
To Glen St. Mary  to Olustee 
              am            em                                                    
but we still dream  of Palastine
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