Jj Grey And Mofro - Tragic tab

By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

For his pleasure he sits sweating 
               D   C                    A                      
The ghost of a man who now haunts himself 
A                                    D                        
Hear the steady tick of time like a levee 
        C               A                    
Holding in his troubled mind  
He was proud he was strong 
           D                    C             A                 
Now he's counting back the days to what went wrong 
A pipe a dream a fearful scream 
          D          C                     A                                 
All these FBI agents hiding in your pine trees 

G       D    A                      
Lord it is tragic 4x

A                                        D
Burning faster than a fuse lit from both ends 
C            A     A                                                                       
He spirals down  At the ready with a list of excuses 
             D        C                 A                                   
Most of his friends they don't know him now 
The family's tired and confused 
           D                       C             A                        
He's still trying to make an offer they can't refuse 
Is he clean is he free 
          D                C                    A                               
Are those FBI agents still hiding in his pine trees? 

G        D   A                                         
Lord it is tragic 4x
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