Jj Grey And Mofro – Lazy Fo Acre tab

Lazy Fo' Acre
By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

  B     D           E                             
It's ok daddy wanna play 
Have you been wantin' some of the same? 
 D                      E                             
Sho' do wanna get with you 
B      D          E
Fe Fi, baby wanna ride 
Kisses are right on time 
 D                      E                                              
Let's get back in that groove - yeah yeah 

 B     D           E                                                
It's a slow, lazy summer 
         B               D            E                         
Yeah the perfect time to hook up with you 
          B    D       E                                                  
For some old fashioned lovin' 
        B             D       E                                                 
In the middle of the heat of June 

B      D    E                                         B
Circle fly, I wanna sail I wanna stretch across the sky 
D                     E
Deep in the heart of blue 
   B             D           E                   
A tall glass of lemonade and a 
Hammock swingin' baby we got it made 
          D                       E
Is that somethin' that you don't do? yeah yeah 

Repeat Chorus
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