Jj Grey And Mofro – Six Ways From Sunday tab

Six Ways From Sunday
By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

Use Barre Chords
The C Chord is played by removing the higher notes from your D Barre chord
and is strummed just once before the A Chord

A        G
Six ways I've been pulled
D                 C    A
Six ways to lose my mind
A            G
They'll turn your pockets out
D              C      A
Boy leave you dead or dying
A           G
Tough love can get to rough
D                   C       A
When the good times start to slide
A           G
Them words ringing in my head
D                  C        A
Watch the hair go with the hide   Hollering

A              G
Six ways from Sunday
A           D
Mama let me be
A              G
Six ways from Sunday
A              D
Darling let me be
A           G
Tomorrows a new day dawning
A            D
Might be for you
A            G     E
Six ways from Sunday - Hollering

Solos Over D  A  vamp
ending with C D E chord walkup in A Form Barres

 A              G
Broke down and tied to the ground
D                   C    A
Like a mule on the down side
A               G
Yelling gee and yelling haw loud
D                  C      A
In my ears till I want to cry
A             G
But that whip don't mean too much
D                  C       A
When a mule ain't got a chance
 A           G
Let 'em roll watch how they fold
D             C     A
Victims of their circumstance     Hollering

Repeat Chorus
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