Jj Grey And Mofro – Orange Blossoms chords

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Orange Blossoms - JJ Grey & Mofro
D C G D C GWell I snuck to her window to leave her a note
D C G D C Gwill you come meet me at the back of the grove?
D C G D C GAll the trees were in bloom that sweet smell in the air
D C G D C G D(downstrumming only)We were trebling together we were young we were scared
DTrue love is hard to find
C G DI can smell those orange blossoms
C G DI can see her standing here
C G D CWhen I smell those orange blossoms then I'm there
D C G D C GI'm there
D C G D C GWe swam in the lake we watched fire flies by night
D C G D C GShe was my princess and I was her Knight
D C G D C Gbut her daddy didn't like me He didn't like how I look
D C G D C G DHe said leave that boy be and that’s all that it took
chorus solo: Blues Scale in D Major on the Piano
D C G D C Gbut I remember her vow How she wouldn't forget me
D C G D C Gand all these years later I can't even remember her name
D C GWhere did she go
D C GWhere did she go
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