Jj72 - Blood Tests tab

JJ72 - Blood tests

Main Bass Riff:

G|---------|-----------| G|---------|-----------|D|---------|-----------| Or could be: D|---------|-----------|A|-3-3-2---|-----2-----| A|---------|-----------|(allows for more slidingE|-------5-|-3-5---3-0-| E|-8-8-7-5-|-3-5-7-3-0-| which kinda suits the song)
C C B A G A B C E C C B A G A B C E Guitar Verse:
e|---------|-----------| e|------------|B|---------|-----------| B|------------|G|-5-5-4---|-----4-----| G|-----4---11-|D|-5-5-4-7-|-5-7-4-----| D|-5-7-4-5-11-|A|-3-3-2-7-|-5-7-2-----| A|-5-7-2-5-9--|E|-------5-|-3-5---3-0-| Alternate 2nd part with: E|-3-5---3----|
2nd Guitar:e|-5~~~~~-|-----4~~~~-|B|-6~~~~~-|-----5~~~~-|G|-5~~~~~-|-----4~~~~-| ~ = let ringD|-5~~~~~-|-----4~~~~-|A|-3~~~~~-|-----2~~~~-|Strum and let ringE|--------|-----------|
Chorus:Guitar:e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-5-----11----|D|-5 x8--11 x8-|A|-3-----9-----|E|-------------|
Bass:G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-3 x8---9 x8-|E|-------------|
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