Jmichaels – Hello Lucy Snow tab

Title: Hello Lucy Snow
Copyright 2001 jmichaels music
Jester?s Bell Press

Hello Lucy Snow,
I just thought I?d let you know
Bm				E7
The walls ?round my heart have been broken apart
With the words that you just let flow

Hello Lucy Snow,
I wanted to let you know
The spark in your eyes has brightened my skies,
Thank you for letting it show

E     D    A    (sounds best played up the neck)
Hello Lucy Snow (x3)
D           E
Baby, let?s go

Every once in a while you?ll find
Someone who will stretch your mind
Someone to connect with, converse and reflect with,
Someone who?s one of your kind

Every once in a while you?ll meet
Someone so thoroughly sweet
So Sultry and cool with a  philosophy, too
That will knock you right off your feet

Instr.  (follow verse chords)

If you?re lucky enough to know,
a woman like Lucy Snow,
Hold on to her tight 
With all of your might 
You?ll never want her to go


D                E
Baby, let?s go
C?mon Lucy Snow
I?m glad that I know
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