Jo Dee Messina – Was That My Life chords

Capo 4

Intro: D  Bm  G  A (x2)

D A Bm AI don't wanna be the one who's old before their time
G D AAnd lose the wonder that I felt as a child
D A Bm AI can't run this race believin' I might lose
G D AStill so much to see, so much left to do
Bm F#mYes I'll fall before I fly
Bm ABut no one can say I never tried
tabchorus D A Bm G Oh we just get one ride around the sun A In this dream of time D A Bm G It goes so fast but one day we look back A D And we ask, was that my life? tab D Bm G A
D A Bm AI close my eyes and think how lucky I have been
G D ATo hold the ones I love and share my dreams with them
D A Bm AAll those sunny days and all those starry skies
G D AGood morning kisses and sweet goodnights
Bm F#mOh I can't tell them enough
Bm AJust how much that they are loved
CHORUS D Bm G A CHORUS Outro: D Bm G A (repeat to fade with ad-lib)
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