Jo Dee Messina – Im Alright chords

Artist: Jo Dee Messina 
Song Title: I'm Alright
Intro:  C  F  C  G - C  F  C  G
C FIts been a long time, glad to see your face
C GI knew we'd meet again another time, another place
C FCant believe its been so many years,
C GYou better grab a chair and a couple of beers
C FLookin good in your three piece suit
C GYou know I always knew you'd take the business route
C FYou were always the one to follow the line
C G Cand you look like your doin alright
CBeen singing for my rent
Fand singing for my supper
CIm above the below and
Gbelow the upper
C FIm stuck in the middle where money gets tight
C G Cbut I guess Im doin alright
C F C GIm all, Im all, Im alright
C FIts a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight
C G Cso I guess Im doin all right
Am E F CIm all, Im all, Im all right
C FGot a good old friend here with me tonight
C G Cand I guess Im doin alright
C G C Well we had a lot of dreams when we were younger They thought we were crazy, but we had the hunger We kept alot of freinds, skipped a lot of class Been on top of the world and knocked on our ___ We lost touch, we lost in love, we lost our minds when things got tough, But beatin time is a losin fight and I guess Im doin alright CHORUS AGAIN: Am E F C F C G C C G C Well, I hate to see this evening end God only knows when I'll see you again Just, send me a fax or send me a letter or give me a call, that would even be better Give the kids a kiss for me and say hello to the family Tell em all my future's lookin bright Well, I miss em, but Im doin alright I said I miss em, but Im doin alright CHORUS AGAIN: C G C F Im doin alri-------ght C F C G C
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