Joan Baez - Lady Di And I chords

I've been playing guitar for 3 months and this is my first attempt to figure out 
the chords to a song. The song as it's written below comes from the Joan Baez Live 
Europe '83 album. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at: 
allison+guitar at allisonshapira dot com

A7 GWake me with kisses in the afternoon
E AmThe butler knows any time you arrive is never too soon
D GHe knows just where you are by the sound of your car
F C EHe'll be waiting there by the spiral stair
A7 GYou could drive me crazy with your unkempt hair
E AmYou don't know what a comb is and frankly, I don't really care
D G'Cause you're fresh and you're wild and you make the butler smile
F CBy bringing me flowers like meteor showers
D ETreating me like a queen, though I'm only nineteen
F CWhich reminds me of something that I've recently seen
Bb FIt was a look in the eye of Lady Di
C AAs she stood on the balcony knowing the last fantasy of the century
GWas in her long white veil
E AmMaybe she would rather have you than the Prince of Wales
D GAnd all the jewels and the crown and all the villages and towns
F C EThat line the sea of the monarchy
A7 GAnd while I cut the roses, what about Lady Di?
E AmShe's a child of the 80's just like you and like I
D GThink of all of the things that she'll never do
F C ESee a rock and roll show, get a heart-shaped tattoo
A7 GLook at all the music that I make with you
E AmLet's take a walk on the wild side, baby, I'm in love with you
D GI will leave my Dior by the cabinet door
F CAnd I'll leave my bouquet on the breakfast tray
F C ELet's go for a sail just like the Prince of Wales
A7 GAnd did he ever love her in the afternoon?
E Am Was the kiss that she gave him in public just a little too soon?
Bb FThere's a tear in the eye of Lady Di
CAs she looks from the balcony knowing the last fantasy of the
A GCentury is probably a lie
E AmMy heart goes out to you, Princess, lovely Lady Di
D G'Cause for all that it seems, here I stand in my jeans
F CFor whatever it means, it is I who am queen.
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