Joan Baez - Stewball chords

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Stewball chords
Joan Baez (old English folk Skewball of 1741)

G Am D G C D

G Em AmStewball was a good horse, he wore his head high,
D Dsus4 D G C Dand the mane on his foretop, was fine as silk thread.
G Em AmI rode him in England, I rode him in Spain,
D Dsus4 D G C Dand I never did lose, boys, I always did gain.
G Em AmSo come all you gamblers, wherever you are,
D Dsus4 D G C Dand don`t bet your money on that little grey mare.
G Em AmMost likely she`ll stumble, most likely she`ll fall,
D Dsus4 D G C Dbut never you`ll lose, boys, on my noble Stewball.
G Em AmAs they were a-riding, `bout halfway round,
D Dsus4 D G C Dthat grey mare she stumbled, and fell on the ground.
G Em AmAnd way out yonder, ahead of them all,
D Dsus4 D G C Dcame a-prancing and a-dancing, my noble Stewball.
G Em AmStewball was a race horse, and by the day he was mine,
D Dsus4 D G C Ghe never drank water, he always drank wine.
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