Joan Baez – Rejoice In The Sun chords

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Rejoice In The Sun chords
Joan Baez (Lampert & Schickele from the movie Silent Running)

Capo II


D Dsus4 D BmFields of children running wild
DIn the sun
D G C Em Like a forest is your child, growing wild
DIn the sun
Bm ADoomed in his innocence
G (G F#m D)In the sun
D Dsus4 D BmGather your children to your side
DIn the sun
D G CTell them all they love will die
EmTell them why
DIn the Sun
Bm A Tell them it's not too late
G Em F#m Em DCultivate, one by one
Bm A G A Em GmTell them to harvest and rejoice
DIn the sun
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