Joan Jett - Five tab

Working on the full song, tabbing it off a youtube video.
She has some weird spider fingers.

Note: \-Slide up

Part 1, 0:05-0:19e------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G--4-4444444-7-7777777---------------------| play twiceD--4-4444444-7-7777777-5-5555555-4-4444444-|A--2-2222222-5-5555555-5-5555555-4-4444444-|E----------------------3-3333333-2-2222222-|
Part 2, 0:19-0:33e-------------------------|B-------------------------|G--9-99-1098\9------------| play twiceD--9-99-1098\9-7-77-876\7-|A--7-77-8 76\7-7-77-876\7-|E--------------5-55-654\5-|
After that she starts to sing ending the intro. When I've finished the whole song i'll get it up asap.
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