Joan Osborne - St Teresa tab version 1

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From: (parker evan c)
Date: 1 Jan 96 16:46:38
Subject: o/osborne_joan/st_teresa.crd

st. teresa
by joan osborne
off of the album *relish*

transcribed by evan c. parker

this is my tab for the verses of this song... not the difinitive
version, mainly because the verses are accompanied by a mandolin,
*not* a guitar.  this is just how we play it, because we don't have
a mandolin... so it is really just a cheap imitation, though it sounds
pretty darn good (if i do say so myself.)

st. teresa by joan osborne (verse tab solo x1) (verse) sit down on the corner... (chorus) am g c f am g c f way down in the... am g c f am g am (verse tab solo x1) (verse) reach down for the... (repeat chorus) (verse tab solo x1) (verse) just what i've been... (repeat chorus) g am (bridge) am g c f am g c f am g c f am g am g am g am g you called up... am g am g (verse tab solo x1) (finale) tab... show me my teresa... am g c f am g am ------------------------- evan c. parker
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