Joan Osborne - If God Was One Of Us tab version 2

>>>>USE CAPODASTRO ON THE 2nd fret<<<<

                                                 > = hammer next notes

Em C G DeI--0---2--3-----I---------------I------3--------I--0->--2---2--0-2-IBI--0------0--0--I--0--1---3-----I------0--------I--0->--3---3--0---IGI---------0-----I--0------------I------0--0-----I--0->--2---2------IDI---------2-----I--2------------I--0-0-0--------I--0---------------IAI---------2-----I--3------------I--2------------I------------------IEI---------0-----I---------------I--3------------I------------------I
practice this and then add a little rhyme to it and voila! =D ;D have fun and please rate =D
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