Joanna Newsom – Jackrabbits chords

This is more or less how the entire song goes. 
The G in parentheses is a bass note played in passing 
between the chords. Listen to the song to get the rhythm 
down. Also, for those of you who don't know, a Dsus2 
can be played like this:

e---0---| e---5---|B---3---| B---5---|G---2---| or this: G---7---|D---0---| D---7---|A-------| A---5---|E-------| E-------|
Dsus2 CI was tired o' being drunk
Am FMy face cracked like a joke
C GSo I swung through here like a brace of jackrabbits
Bb FWith their necks all broke
Dsus2 CI stumbled at the door with my boot
Am FAnd I knocked against the jamb
C GAnd I scrabbled at your chest like a mute
Bb FWith my fists of ham
(G) Am F (G) Trying to tell you that I am
Am F Telling you I can
C C/B AmI can
Bb Clove you again
Bb C Love you again
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