Joanna Newsom - Baby Birch chords


C Fthis is the song for Baby Birch
Am F Cthough i will never know you
C Fand at the back of what we've done
Am F Cthere is the knowledge of you
C Fwell, i wish we could take every path
Am F Ccould spend a hundred years adoring you
C Fyes, i wish we could take every path
Am F Cbecause i hated to close the door on you
C F do you remember staring up at the stars
Am F Cso far away in their bulletproof cars?
C Fwhen we heard the rushing, slow intake
Am F Cof the dark, dark water in the engine brakes?
C Fand i said to you, "well, how about them engine brakes?"
Am F Cand if i should die before i wake,
C F Will you keep an eye on Baby Birch?
Am F Cbecause i'd hate to see her make the same mistake
Asus4 Cwhen it was dark, i called and you came
Asus4 Cwhen it was dark, i saw shapes
Asus4 C when I see stars, i feel in your hand
Asus4 Cand I see stars, and I reel again.
C FWell mercy me. I'll be goddamned.
Am It's been a long, long time
F Csince I last saw you.
C FAnd I have never known the plan.
AmIt's been a long, long time.
F CHow are you?
C FYour eyes are green. Your hair is gold.
Am F CYour hair is black. Your eyes are blue.
C FI closed the ranks, and I doubled backó
Ambut, you know, I hated to close
F Cthe door on you.
Asus4 CWe take a walk along the dirty lake.
Hear the goose,
Asus4 Ccussing at me over her eggs.
Asus4You poor little cousin.
CI don't want your dregs
Asus4 C(A little baby fussing all over my legs).
AmThere is a blacksmith,
and there is a shepherd, and there is a butcher-boy,
Cand there is a barber, who's cutting
and cutting away at my only joy.
AmI saw a rabbit,
as slick as a knife, and as pale as a candlestick,
Cand I had thought it'd be harder to do,
but I caught her, and skinned her quick: held her there,
Amkicking and mewling,
upended, unspooling, unsung and blue;
Ctold her "wherever you go,
little runaway bunny, I will find you."
AmAnd then she ran,
Cas they're liable to do.
Asus4 CBe at peace, baby, and begone.
Asus4, C to fade
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