Joanna Newsom - You And Me Bess chords


C, D, Bb, Ebmaj7,
Cm, F, Bb, Gm,
Am7, Ab, F, C
Am7, Ab, F, C

C Dwe picked our way
Bb Ebmaj7down to the beach
Cm F Bb Gmwatching the waves dragging out of our reach
Am7 Ab F Cdangling impales like a sodden sheep
Am7 Ab F Cdangling on thrills from the gut of the sea
C Dhoarding our means
Bb Ebmaj7alfalfa and rose
Cm F Bb Gmtrying not to catch the cold eye of the gulls
Am7 Ab F Ci hope mother nature has not overheard
Am7 Ab F Cthough she doles out hurt like a buchan bird
C, F, C, F Am7, Ab, F, C C, F, C, F
Am7, Ab, F, CLalala…
C Estayed for the winter
D F#m C Emno one told us about the laws of the land
Bb Dmi hold my own
C Ebut you with your hunger
D F#m C Emyou arm the other hand
Bb Dmmake yourself known
C Dand when we were found
Bb Ebmaj7i know we both grieved
Cm F Bb Gmmy heart made the sound of snow falling from leaves
Am7 Abyou and me, bess
F Cwe were as thick as thieves
Am7 Abso i swore nonetheless
F Cup and down it was only me
C Dso they took me away
Bb Ebmaj7and after some time
Cm Fstudying my case
Bb Gmmust've made up their minds
Am7 Ab F Cby the time you realized i was dying
Am7 Abmust've been too late
F C i believe you were not lying
C, F, C, F Am7, Ab, F, C C, F, C, F
Am7, Ab, F, CLalala…
C E D F#m C Emit is the day i wake with my ears cocked up like a dawn
Bb Dmlike everyday, of course
C E D F#myanked by my wrist to the sugar front courtyard
C Emtell me what have i done
Bb Dmseems i have stolen a horse
C Eand escaped to the gallows
D F#m Cwho do you think that you are
Em Bb Dm arching your hooves like a queen
C E D F#m C Emin the shallow gutter that lines the roof
Bb Dm C Dcrowded with folks who just stare as i hang
Bb Ebmaj7it's all the same
Cm Fkindness comes over me
Bb Gmwhat was your name
Am7 Abit makes no difference
F CI'm glad that you came
Am7 Ab F Cforever i'll listen to your glad name
Am7, Ab, F, C x 8
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