Joanna Newsom – Inflamatory Writ chords

Intro: D, G, D, A, D

D G A DOh where is your inflammatory writ
G A DYour text that would inside a light be lit
Our music deserving devotion unswerving Cried do I deserve her with unflagging fervour
G A D Well no we do not if we cannot get over it
GM7 BmBut what’s it mean when suddenly we’re spent tell me true
GM7 BmAmbition came and reared it’s head and went far from you
GM7 Even molluscs have weddings though solemn and leaden
BmBut you dirge for the dead and take no jam on your bread
D G A DJust a supper of salt and a waltz through your empty bed
F AAnd all at once it came to me
Bb FAnd I wrote in hunch til 4:30y
Cm Gm A DBut that vestal light it burns out with the night
G7 DmIn spite of all the time that we spent on it
Bb FOn one bedraggled ghost of a sonnet
G DWhile outside the wild boars root
Bm AWithout bending a bough underfoot
C GOh it breaks my heart I don’t know how they do it
So don’t ask me
D G A DAnd as for my inflammatory writ
G A DI wrote it and I was not inflamed one bit
GM7Advice from the master derailed that disaster
BmHe said hand that pen over to me poetaster
GM7While ‘cross the great plains keening lovely and awful
BmYou ulate the lost great American novels
D G A DAn unlawful lot left to stutter and freeze floodlit
G A D A DBut at least they didn’t run to their undying credit
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