Joanna Newsom – On A Good Day chords ver. 3


G Em D G Hey hey hey, the end is near!
Em On a good day,
Am D Emyou can see the end from here.
G EmBut I won't turn back, now,
D Emthough the way is clear;
G Em D G I will stay for the remainder.
G Em D GI saw a life, and I called it mine.
Em Am D EmI saw it, drawn so sweet and fine,
G Em D Emand I had begun to fill in all the lines,
G Em D Gright down to what we'd name her.
G Em D GOur nature does not change by will.
Em Am D EmIn the winter, 'round the ruined mill,
G Em D Emthe creek is lying, flat and still;
Git is water,
Em D Gthough it's frozen.
G EmSo, 'cross the years,
D Gand miles, and through,
Em on a good day,
Am D Emyou can feel my love for you.
G EmWill you leave me be,
D Emso that we can stay true
G Em D Gto the path that you have chosen?
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