Joanna Newsom – Look And Despair chords

C D F The cause is Ozymandian.
C D F The mapa sacra continent
C G is sanded and bevelled,
Bb F the land lorn and levelled
Am EbM7 Dm7 EbM7 by some unrecorded and powerful hand
(repeat sequence for all repetitions of this phrase)
Bb Gm Eb Bb where all of the twenty thousand attending your footfall
Bb Gm Eb Bb and the causes they died for are lost in the idling bird calls,
Bb Gm and the records they left are cryptic at best,
Eb Bb lost in obsolescence.
Bb Gm The text will not yield, nor x ray reveal
Eb Bb with any fluorescence
F Eb Gm Db9 where the hand of the master begins and ends.
(repeat sequence for all repetitions of this phrase)
Bb "It's alright,"
C and "It's all over now,"
Am7 Dm and boarded the plane,
Bb his belt unfastened;
C Am7 Dm the boy was known to show unusual daring.
Bb And, called a “boy”,
C Am7 Dm this older man confounding Tammany Hall
Bb (In whose employ
C Am7 Dm King Tamanend himself preceded John’s fall).
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