Jodio Loco Sucio - Rey Del Mosh tab

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As recorded by JLS
(From the 2001 Album SERPIENTE EN EL HUERTO)

Transcribed by JLS

 Words and Music by Leo Susana
Arranged by JLS

Q=70 Em 4/4 Gtr I Q E E Q E S S Q E E E E S S S S||------------------|----------------------|||o-----------------|----------------------|||------------------|----------------------|||------------------|----------------------|||o----2------------|----2---------2-3-2-3-|||--0----3S5--3-3S5-|-0----3-/5-/5---------|
Q E E Q E S S Q E E E E S S S S|-----------------|----------------------|||-----------------|---------------------o|||-----------------|----------------------|||-----------------|----------------------|||----2-2-4--------|----2-------2-3-2-3--o|||-0----3S5--3-3S5-|-0----3-5-5-----------||
Q Q S S S S S S S S Q E E H|-||------------------------|---------------||-||-||o-----------------------|--------------o||-||-||------------------------|---------------||-||-||------------------------|---------------||-||-||o-7--5--3-5-3-2-3-2-----|-7--5-7S10----o||-||-||--------------------5-3-|---------------||-|
Fast Rock Q=110(8=s8) E E. E E. E E|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||---2--------2-3----||-0----3-/5---------|
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