Joe Bonamassa – Story Of A Quarryman tab

			     Story of a Quarryman- Joe Bonamassa
Tabbed by: Sam Clements

Okay, to start, I have only tabbed the main riff, I was hoping people could comment as to the
soloing and other parts. So if you've figured anymore out please say, I will 
update it as i figure it
out too.
I this is in the key of E, I do the solo embellishments around the E blues scale.
Tuning: Standard

Intro and main riff. ( note that the bend is slight, less than half a tone, also note the E chord at the end isn't always there it's sometimes just an E7 or just the open E)e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------1-----------------------|D|----------------------------------------------2-----------------------|A|----------------------------------------------2-----------------------|E|--------0---3-----5-----5-----3-----3b----0---0-----------------------|
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