Joe Brooks – Apple tab

its basically this all the way through the song unless i change it furthur down!:)
E     F#m     A       B                                  

For your consideration

I offer myself with no sign of hesitation

Well lets get these wheels in motion

Cause this old guitar is gonna sing by the ocean side

Oh Apple youre my life
            A                 B
Youre like a before and after photo
            A                 B
How I ever live without you I dont know
            A                 B                B
So we gonna plant the seed and watch it grow oh

Apple, you dont even know how you laughter taste so sweet oh

Apple, well I thank my stars that you fell so close you fell so close that 

you fell so close to me

Well we sit and watch as the waves slowly reach for our names and surrender 

them to the tide.

If I could out a message in a bottle

I'd say all I need is here by my side

Apple, youre the reason why

then the bridge and chorus again:)

thanks xxx
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