Joe Diffie – Leroy The Redneck Reindeer chords

E A EYou've all heard about Rudolph and his nose
E B7But I'll tell you a Christmas tale that never has been told
E A7 EWell, you may think you've heard it all but you ain't heard yet
A B7 EAbout that crazy Christmas that the North pole can't forget
E A ERudolph was under the weather he had to call in sick
E B7So he got on the horn to his cousin Leroy who lived out in the sticks
E A EHe said Santa's really counting on me and I hate to pass the buck
A E B7 ELeroy said Hey I'm on my way and he jumped in his pick-up truck
E A EWhen Leroy got to the North Pole all the reindeer snickered and laughed
E B7They never seen a deer in overalls and a John Deere Tractor hat
EBut Santa stepped in and said
A EJust calm down cause you all got a job to do
A E B7 ELike it or not, Leroy's in charge and he's gonna be leading you
EAnd it was Leroy, the red neck reindeer
A EHooked to the front of the sleigh
E B7Delivering toys to all the good ole boys and girls along the way
E A EHe's just a down home party animal, two stepping across the sky
A E B7 EHe mixed jingle bells with a rebel yell and made histroy that night
E A EBefore that night was over Leroy had changed their tune
EHe had them scootin' a hoof on every single roof
B7By the light of a neon moon
ESanta wrapped his bag with a Dixie flag
A EHe was having the time of his life
EYou can hear his call Merry Christmas y'all
B7 EAnd y'all, y'all a good night.
chorus repeat the last line in the chorus to end.
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