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Date: 10/17/96; 2:01:00 PM
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: Joe Ely:  Lord of the Highway

Lord Of The Highway
written by Butch Hancock
As performed by Joe Ely from the album, Lord of the Highway
Transcribed by Steve Krall (

* Of course, you can throw a capo at the 2nd
  fret and play G, C, Am, and D instead

* In the first half of the verse, I like to hammer
  the 5th string, 4th fret on the A part

Lord of the Highway

Verse 1:
A                                    D
With your fan belt slippin' and your bare tires squealin'
       A                                     E
Every time you hit the road you think you're rich.
A                                   D
You're Lord of the Highway but the way you been drivin'
          Bm                           E
Sends them hitch-hikers divin' for the ditch

         A                                D
Well the law's on your trail and there's another law to lead you
    A                          E
And yet another law to let you down
        A                             D
And the laws of the game they're the very same that freed you
    A           E             A
The Lord of the Highway gets around

Verse 2:

You weren't the only one who saw the dark days a commin'
And you weren't the only one who shut em out.
It was nothin like your pride; it was somethin' deep inside
That saw the Shimmer felt the Shake and heard the Shout

So lay it on thick if you lay it on at all
If you're gonna do the job, do it right
If you gotta hit the road, leave your burdens behind you
The Lord of the Highway travels light.

Verse 3:

With your air cleaner hissin' and your radiator steamin'
And the sun burnin' bugs to the glass
You're Lord of the Highway ,you're livin' you're not dreamin'
And if time really wants to, let it pass.

You'll be miles down the road when the toll bridge is burnin'
And your mirrors face foward at last.
You got what it takes to be Lord of the Highway
The Lord of the Highway travels fast.
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