Joe Henry – Short Mans Room chords

These are the chords that I could discern from the album recording, and they sound 
right to me. Capo on 1

D Bm A x2
Em D Db A

D Bm AThis is a short man's room
D Bm AThe better you watch your head
Em D Db AI've still got my one good eye
G A DI keep it right next to my bed
D Bm AI keep my money down here
D Bm AI dressed it to look like a shoe
Em D Db AI'm saving up for a pair
G A DThen I'll have more money than you
Bm FI drink more than maybe I should
Bm FBut I don't go out when I do
Bm A Abm EI put my feet up in the window
G AAnd I ride my dreams like a canoe
(Same pattern all the way through.) And I write letters to the newspapers And I dance to the talk radio I'm a volunteer fireman each Christmas 'Cause there's brandy wherever you go (Break, same chords as intro) My dad was a natural tenor He worked at the mill in Lenore My mother was a mule skinner And a band leader during the war I once thought that I'd live forever I pitched for the Indian leagues But now I guess I learned some better You'e only as good as your knees The better you watch your head Guy like you You're not near as tall as you're thinking But then this is a short man's room (End on D, add lick)
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