Joe Henry – Bob And Ray tab

          Joe Henry
          Bob & Ray

      Album: "Trampoline" ('1996)

    Sorry, can't find lyric in Net, so, this is 
  writing as it was heard by me. It may contains
  mistakes in phrases because of wrong words.
    And that's why I describe only first strophe
  and chorus.

  Intro: Am G Am G
         Am G Am G

 Am                    G
   There's something caught in my teeth
 F                            G
   And the cricket that won't   let me sleep
 Am                 G 
   The sizzles like   a radio
 F                 G
   Another world away
 F                      C
   He laughs at me and my bare feet
 Am         G      F
   My flashlight grow and blow TV
 F              C
   Reading in flight magazine
   About Bob and Ray

                  Am            G
 I can see it all    from here
             Am           G
 I will fall    with you
                   Am  G
 But I can wait a (?)
                    Am  G
 As long as I have tea

 Am G Am G
 Am G Am G

 aleister, Irkutsk
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