Joe Nichols – Take It Off chords

Take It Off
By Joe Nichols
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

The Walk down at the ends of the chorus lines is:

CIf you're feeling that summer time heat, got the top up on your jeep
F CTake it off, go on now take it off
CGot your boat up on a trailer, aw. back it down in a river
F CTake it off, go on, now take it off
CIf the weight of the world's on your shoulders (riff)
CGot a week of worries on your mind (riff)
CGo on, do what you wanna do (riff)
CSoak you up a little sunshine
G Dig your hand down in a cooler
FAnd grab a cold one and twist the top
C (riff) C (riff)Take it off, yeah take it off
You're a pretty little country thing, bikini under them cut off jeans Take em off, come on mama take them off Them sunglasses on your head, anything you don't wanna get wet Better take 'em off, well jump in and take it off Chorus
G F CNa na na na na ooh ooh ooh
G FNa na na na na
We can go fishing in the full moonlight, if you get on the line I'll take it off, girl I'll help you take it off. Got a blanket we can crawl underneath, if it gets too hot to sleep We can take it off, baby we can take it off Chorus Na na na na na ooh ooh ooh Na na na na na Tag: Take it off Baby, take it off We can take it off.
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