Joe Purdy - Canyon Joe tab

From the album of the same name.

Capo 3rd fret

Chords used:

C: X32010
Em: 022000
F: 133210
G: 320010
Am: X02210

The picking pattern is relatively simple for the most part. There are a couple of minor variations
on the chords used. For example sometimes the intro and going into the verse uses a variation
on the G:

Sometimes notes are added or taken out, but if you stick to the chord shapes you can't really go wrong. For the verse in general:
C Em F Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------1-------------0--------------1----------------1---------|G|-----0--0--0------0----0--0------2----2---2------0-----0---0---|D|----2-2---2-----2--2-----2-----3---3----3------0---0-----0-----|A|--3------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------0--------------1---------------3-----------------|
Am F C Am G Fe|----------------------------------------------------------------3-|B|-------1--------------1------------1--------1-------1-------2-----|G|-----2---2--2------2----2---2--------0--------2-------0-------3---|D|----2-2---2------3---3----3------2--------2-------0--------3------|A|--0----------------------------3--------0-------------------------|E|---------------1--------------------------------3--------1--------|
Intro: G Verse: C Em Well I live in the canyon where the old coyotes howl F G They come down from the mountains and the dogs begin to growl Am F And they meet up in the darkness, and they fight until the death C Am G F When the morning sun is rising I will bury who is left Chorus
G Am F Ce|-----------------------------------|B|-----1--------0h1------1-------1---|G|-------0-----------------2-------0-|D|---0--------2--------3-------2-----|A|----------0----------------3-------|G|-3-----------------1---------------|
G Am Oh-------- Oh F C G They call me Canyon Joe Then play the intro again and back to the verse. Thats it throughout. Comments welcome.
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