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Make It Up
By Joe Purdy (
From the album Paris In the Morning

Tabbed by Kevin (
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Standard tuning

(on the G's, play a normal G for two beats, then A0 - A2 on the next two beats)

C Em D
C Em D
C Em D

        C                    Em           D
When a train comes, I don't know what to do
     C                   Em            D
I'm leaving town, but I ain't leaving you
       C                     Em         D
When I get down, I get these far away blues
       C                     D
And I don't want to go back home

               C                  Em             D
I can say I'm sorry, yeah if you think it would help
             C                    Em           D
You say you call me, yeah but you never can tell
           C                Em        D
You just stand there, just wishing me well
C                          D
Can't think of nothing to say

     C                      G
Well I'm gonna write you a song
C                             Em    D
Tell you just how much I been missing you
    C                         G              Em     D
You don't have to wait very long and I'll be home, dear
                C                     G
And I know that you been crying at night
     C                    Em    D
But you don't have to be lonesome 'cause
 C                 G             Em   D                 C
I'm gonna make it right, make it up,     make it up to you
Em         D       C
   Make it up to you
Em         D       C
   Make it up to you
Em         D       C
   Make it up to you

         C                  Em           D
We been gone now, well for weeks maybe longer
          C                    Em                D
Well it's cold out, and this current's getting stronger
       C                    Em           D
I called you, but you just sat in that corner
   C                     D
Watching that telephone ring

            C                Em              D
Well baby pick up, so I can hear your sweet voice
          C                 Em       D
'Cause I miss you, don't be sad anymore
         C                Em               D
'Cause one day I'm gonna walk through that door
     C                D
And hold you in my arms


              C                    Em           D
Yeah you been drinking, you been drinking your wine
            C              Em         D
And you're wasted, yes and wasting your time
                C                  Em          D
Yeah and it's plain that when you say it isn't mine
      C                           D
Well baby, can't you see I been trying?
     C               Em             D
I'm ready, 'cause I know this can work
             C               Em           D
And I would take you to the ends of the earth
      C                     Em         D
Just hold on, yeah just a little bit longer
         C                D
And I'll be back by your side

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