Joe Purdy - Santa Rosa In The Snow chords

Joe Purdy, Santa Rosa in the Snow
no capo, standard tuning

C  G  C  G

CHappy New Year Santa Rosa here I am
F CI was brought in by the weather and the cold
G AmI was heading towards the West to find the sand
G FBut I guess I'll have to settle for the snow
CAnd I am just a stranger to this town
F CI'm lonely and I'm restless and I'm stuck
G AmI wish I knew a way to get back down
G FAnd I wish I had a shovel in this truck
C And the state police won't let me on the street
F CI told 'em my story, but they don't care
G AmThere's an old dog just lying at the feet
G FOf a girl who once wore flowers in her hair
CAnd my heart lies fifty miles ahead
F CUnderneath a bridge just out of sight
G Amshe sits beneath the covers of a bed
G FWhere she waits for me to meet her in the night
CAnd this old town was named after a rose
F CThat blooms along the hillside in the cold ground
G AmBut my heart has been broken and is closed
G FLike the freeway that would take me out of town
CAnd just because I don't got no regrets
F CYeah well that don't mean I didn't get it wrong
G AmMy love is like a homemade summer dress
G FI am just a lonely winter song
CAnd I dust off the snowflakes from the hood
F CAnd I talk to an old friend on the phone
G AmShe says, "I think that the calm could do you good
G FYou have been traveling so long"
CSo Happy New Years babe, I guess this is goodbye
F CAnd I hope that you find someone you can hold
G AmAnd if you hear that midnight whistle cry
G FPlease think of me in Santa Rosa in the snow
C F C G Am G F
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