Joe Purdy – New Years Eve chords

[Verse 1]
C F GWell, I wrote this song on New Year's Eve
C F GThinking of days gone by
C F GDreaming of all good things to come
C F GSinging that Auld Lang Syne
[Verse 2]
C F GAnd I hope this year won't be like the last
C F *I hope that my money will hold
C F GI hope that the days won't go by too fast
C F D7 G G7 *I hope that my good gal will show
[Verse 3]
C F GAnd I hope I can be some use to this world
C F *I won't be too prideful to try
C F GRealize that sometimes it only takes one
C F GTo make a difference in another one's life
[Verse 4]
C F GAnd I hope I can find the courage to speak
C F *When there's something that needs being said
C F GAnd I hope that my words will not tear us apart
C F D7 G G7 *But to bring people closer instead
[Verse 5]
C F GAnd I hope all this useless killing will stop
C F *I hope that the hatred will slow
C F GI hope there's a calm come over the hand
C F *Of the one's who have anger to show
[Verse 6]
C F GAnd I hope that the families displaced by war
C F *Find a country so brave and so bold
C F GTo let down their guards and open their arms
C F D7 G G7 *To the one's who have nowhere to go
[Verse 7]
F GAnd I hope that the raging flood waters subside
C Amand it rains on dry mountains and fiery hillsides
F GThat the winds of change blow swift through our hearts
C AmAnd we'll lay down our weapons, not fire the first shot
F Gat the one's who march brave on the streets arm-in-arm
C AmAnd their stories be told, and their causes live on
F GAnd we'll right all our wrongs, put an end to our war
C Amand we'll reach for compassion till there's bloodshed no more
F GAnd we teach every child so they might rise above
C Amand the power means nothing in a world without love
FDon't cha see?
GDon' cha see?
C F C G CDon't cha see?
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