Joe Purdy - Mary May Bobby tab

Taken from the Joe Purdy album.

Capo 4th fret

Standard tuning

Chords used (relative to capo):

D - XX0232
G - 320033
G/F# - 200033
Em7 - 022033
A/G - X02033

Intro - D - G - G/F# - Em7 x2

D                        G   G/F#   Em7
It was a fine day in the fifth grade

D                  G    G/F#   Em7
when Mary May let Bobby walk her home from school

D                                    G    G/F#   Em7            A/G
he had her books in hand and he was listening to every word she said

                D             G   G/F#    Em7    A/G
like it was the gospel of the prophecies

       Em7               G/F#         G        A/G
and he loved the way her hair fell across her dress

                   Em7                  G/F#
went home singing who wrote the book of love

    G             A/G
and try a little tenderness

D - G - G/F# - Em7 x2

D                   G        G/F#
the next day on the playground 

Em7       A/G              D                   G   G/F#   Em7  A/G
bobby sat Mary down on the swingset behind the sandbox

              Em7          G/F#  G     G/A
and she said, Bobby i just wanna play

   Em7            G/F#    G     G/A
so what is it you have to say?


         D     Em7      G    G/A 
He said, mary, marry me.

                  D     Em7      G    G/A          
we could live out by the sea

                  D     Em7      G    G/A  
like the do on the movie screen.

      D        Em7      G             G/A  
oh, marry me, mary may, before you go back to play 

D - G - G/F# - Em7 x2

And then back to the verse. Continue throughout. Lovely song, you can listen to it on
his website, his CDs are a bit hard to come by, especially over here. Comments welcome
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