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Balcony/Green Eyes
By Joe Purdy (
From the album You Can Tell Georgia

Tabbed by Kevin (
Check out the Unofficial Joe Purdy Transcription site at

Standard tuning


D                               A
Well you stay with me, in the balcony,
           G                       A
And we'll sink in our seas as the people all leave
D                            A
And we can hide out as the curtain comes down
         G                    A
And then fall asleep to the sleeping sound
Em        G     A           D
When the morning is drawing near
Em               G         A
I'll see if the coast is clear


D               A          D
Green eyes are better than blue
         Bm            A            D
I ain't trying to be mean, just telling the truth
Bm                  G               D
It's enough to make me run away with you
        D               A            D
Darling green eyes are better than blue

D            A                 D
She says, "This isn't easy, you know
Bm           A               D
Loving the hands that you ain't supposed to hold
      Bm            G           D
And I pray for the days when I won't sleep alone"
D            A                 D
She says, "This isn't easy, you know"


D                 A           D
Well Johnny says don't bring her down
Bm               A                    D
'Cause when the pedestal crumbles and falls to the ground
         Bm             G            D
You will wish that you left her the way that you'd found her
D                A           D
Now Johnny says don't bring her down


       D               A          D
Well I saw you in the water last night
        Bm          A           D
You were smiling at me as you slipped out of sight
        Bm           G            D
When I woke from my dream I was screaming for life
         D               A          D
'Cause I saw you in the water last night

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