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A note:  [[JP is one of the absolutely most inspiring and artistic independent acts
today.  In an age of readily available free downloads and huge music corporations 
this artist remains true by producing all his many albums independently.  So please, 
not "steal" this music.  Use this tab solely for the advancement of yourself
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Look At You Now
by Joe Purdy
From the album Only Four Seasons

Tabbed by Kevin (
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Standard tuning


F Bb C

    F                   Gm                 Bb                       C
My eyes were sad and my finger were mad as I wrote this letter that said
F                         Gm                   Bb                    F
Wish you the best in your new royal dress, and I wish that he were dead
F                           Gm                       Bb                C
I guess you don't mind that he's got a wife and a mistress already in place
F                                  Gm                         Bb                    F
You just throw back your hair and say you don't care and you hide that look on your face

F             Bb         Dm           C
You used to have such a pretty little smile
                      F    Bb    C
Yeah but look at you now
                      F    Bb    C
Yeah but look at you now

He's a better man now, he's not holding his hand, now that he's got yours to keep

And I hope he can feed you with someone who needs you, and here comes for your turn to eat

And oh so it seems his accent must mean that he's a bit brighter than me

Oh and I guess he won't lie through the whites of his eyes or the gap in the front of


And if I had to guess I would not be impressed by the cups of tea he can drink

No 'cause the fatter he gets in those caviar chaps the faster your ship gonna sink

And I guess I can't blame if I had to shame you with the things I'd done since I left town

Probably have to tell your new lover to fetch a pale of water for your building I'm

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