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A note:  [[JP is one of the absolutely most inspiring and artistic independent acts
today.  In an age of readily available free downloads and huge music corporations 
this artist remains true by producing all his many albums independently.  So please, 
not "steal" this music.  Use this tab solely for the advancement of yourself
a musician and to promote JP's music.]]

I'm Not What You Need
By Joe Purdy (
From the album The Sessions from Motor Ave.

Tabbed by Kevin (
Check out the Unofficial Joe Purdy Transcription site at

Standard tuning


The song is mostly picked, and most of the C and G chords have the ii note played
(lifting the middle finger for the C and the index finger for the G).


C                   F      G             C      F      G
Just want something beautiful, I want to look in your eyes
          C             F        Am      G         C  F  G
I want to listen to you sing my favorite song and cry
C                       F    G             C      F           G
Want to reach into your oceans, want to calm your sea when it storms
          C             F             Am      G               C  F  G
I want to let you take hold of this sinking ship and lead me home

F        G            C
But I'm not what you need
F           G            C
I've known you so much stronger
F            G               C   B    Am
But you are such a pleasant fiction to me
F                      C              F      G
So I guess that I'll dream of you a little longer


I want to pack up and move with you, oh and never look behind

I want to take your hand as we chase down the skyline

I want to tell you my stories, wake you up in the middle of the night

I want you to tell me when I'm wrong, and I just want you to smile at me when I'm right


Am              B         C            F      G
Don't want to take the light from your eyes
                            C          F     G
It would be nice if I could hold you tight
          C         F     G
While I lay in the sand
          C            F           Am         G
You could love what's left of this lonely excuse of a man

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