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A note:  [[JP is one of the absolutely most inspiring and artistic independent acts
today.  In an age of readily available free downloads and huge music corporations 
this artist remains true by producing all his many albums independently.  So please, 
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Goodnight To the Westside
By Joe Purdy (
From the album The Sessions from Motor Ave.

Tabbed by Kevin (
Check out the Unofficial Joe Purdy Transcription site at

Capo IV, all notes/chords relative to capo


C B Am G

C             B           Am          G
She draws a line in the sand with her feet
                C       B             Am            G
And there's an old man walking in the middle of the street
            C       B             Am          G
And as the sun goes down well she calls me a fool, you know
                 C           B         Am     G
'Cause I'm still sitting here in my room
Am             Em          F            G
And I peak out my window or I close my eyes
        F                B    C
Saying goodnight to the Westside

C B Am G

Well the sun feels warm on my face these days

And I'm slightly removed from the smog of L.A.

But I'm still searching those things I just can't see

Like how a beautiful face can hide her life from me

Take a deep breath as she asks for a ride

Saying goodnight to the Westside

Well I come home late in the evening time

And I try to ride down to the beach and I stare up at the sky

And I lie on the Venice sand

And I think about her and I think about all of them, all of them

Sometimes I'm thinking about all of them

And I roll my windows down

And let the air flow all around me

As I start to drive

Say goodnight to the Westside

To the Westside

Goodnight to the Westside
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