Joe Tex – I Want To Do Everything For You chords

GI want to hold you in my arms
Till you say turn me lose. I want to do sweet things for you Till you say it ain't no use.
CI want to wake you every morning
With a good morning kiss.
GI want to kiss you to sleep the same way
Cause I know you like this. CHORUS
D7I want to do everything for you
CCause that's all that man can do
G CWhen he loves a woman like I love you.
G CAnd I love ya, love ya
G C GI love ya, love ya, love ya,
G C GI love ya, love ya... love ya
C GOoo... eee, yes I love you.
GI want to say sweet things to you
Till you say I said enough. I want to stand right by your side When the goin gets tough.
CI want to mend your broken heart
Till you say the hurt is gone.
GI want to stay with you always
So that you wont be alone. CHORUS
GI want to work for you every day
Till you say come home and rest. I want to buy you pretty things So you can look your best.
CI want to take you everywhere
So the world can see what I got.
GI want to treat you with tender love
Till you say I've got to stop. CHORUS
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