Joe Walsh - A Life Of Illusion tab

A Life Of Illusion
Joe Walsh
From the Album-"There Goes The Neighborhood"
Written by Joe Walsh
Tabbed by Ray Scheidler

Intro/Main Riff

F Sometimes I can't help but thinkin' that I'm C Living a life of illusion F And oh why can't we let it be and see through C The hole in this wall of confusion G I just can't help but feeling F C I'm living a life of illusion (Intro/Main Riff) F Pow,right between the eyes C Oh how nature loves her little surprises F Wow,it all seems so logical now C It's just one of her better disguises G And it comes with no warning F C Nature loves her little surprises G F C Continual crisis (Solo)G FF G G FF G FF C (Intro/Main Riff) F Hey don't you know it's a waste of your day C Caught up in endless solutions F That have no meaning just another hunch C G Based upon jumping conclusions G F C Caught up in endless solutions G F C Backed up against a wall of confusion G F C Living a life of illusion (Fade)G F C G F C G F C
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