Joel Plaskett - Absentminded Melody chords version 1

GIt's dusk as all the shadows fall
CThe sun is laid to rest
GAt night the city comes to life
D CAs the light dies in the west
GHere we stand as some local band
CSets circles 'round the clock
GSmoke so thick you need a lighthouse
D CSo loud I can't hear myself talk
GSomeone whispered in my ear
C"It's not like it was before"
GI don't know what happened here
D C I guess we just got bored
GThe good old days
DWell I suppose, I'm glad they're behind us now
G CThe only thing worse than growing up
G D GIs never quite learning how
G C GLate at night we toss and we turn
DLay awake 'til dawn
G C GWe close our eyes as the sun comes up we're gone
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