Joey Cape - Who Weve Become chords

Who We’ve Become  by Joey Cape     standard tuning (Capo 1)
(strumming) C   Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7  C   Em  F  C
C Fmaj7 Ci don't like watching train wrecks, entranced by falling stars
C Em F Cthey are only needed when they fall apart
C Fmaj7 Cour life without scandal, nearly all routine
C Em F Cthere's one thing i can count on waiting at home for me
G Cand i know we aren't that young,
G C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C Em F Cbut i like, who we've become
C Fmaj7 Ci don't like feeling frail when i first wake up
C Em F Ci don't like feeling aches and pains whenever i'm not drunk
C Fmaj7 C i guess i'll never really quit smoking cigarettes
C Em F Ci guess i rarely sleep enough or exercise to stay fit
G Cand i don't know, how long i'll live
G C Em Ambut i enjoy every minute with you
G Ccuz i just like who you've become
F Em G Ceveryone finds someone maybe i found you
F Em Geveryone finds someone baby i found you
(finger picking)
C Fmaj7 Ci don't like when it's overcast don't like when it rains
C Em F Ci don't like when i miss you like light on gloomy days
C Fmaj7 Ci don't like to get angry and drive old friends away
C Em F Ci wish she could forgive me for saying what i said
G Cat least i know, we still share a bed
G C Em Amand i know, where i'll rest my head tonight
G Cit's just a fight, and then it's done
G C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C Em F Ci still love, who we've become
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