Joey Cape – Twenty Seven chords

Capo on 4th Fret


D A Bm A GI hope you didn't mind when I saw you
G D F#Turn into nothing less than nothing new
F# Bm A D A GBefore you wait to sleep it off
G D How little is enough?
D F#What can you do?
F# Bm A D ABefore you decide to make the last mistake
G DWithdraw away from us
D F#And say goodbye
F# Bm A D ATo all but one that takes you
G Dand puts you to rest
D F# Bm G A
D AOn 27th Street nothing will keep you warm
A EmEverything bring you harm
Em G AEverything here fails you
DNow lying at your feet
D AEveryone nails you
A EmEveryone worships you
Em G AEveryone here fails you
D A Bm A GI can figure it out and it's all about to
G D F#Turn into lack of wit on sinking ships
F# BmI might have jumped
A D A GBut you jumped first
G DAbandon ties that bind
D F#There's no salvation here
F# Bm A D A GI'd surely miss the times when we were so depressed
G DNo, I miss you.
D F#I know I miss you
F# Bm A D A GAnd you are missing something
A D F#
G A F#You take a rip and then you find sedation
Bm G A DSome salvation, masochistic, it's only point of view
D CNothing is left to you
C EmEveryone speaks the truths
Em G AEveryone here fails me
D A Em G A
D A Bm C DHope you didn't mind when I saw you
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