Whipping Boy chords with lyrics by Joey Cape - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joey Cape – Whipping Boy chords

                       WHIPPING BOY - Joey Cape
Tabbed by: Glorny
Email: glorny@fahr-zur-hoelle.org

C GNow it's simple to me
E DSometimes you have to let go when there's
C GNext to nothing
E D BYou say yes every time she says no
CThere's more pain then love
DIt comes o shove almost
G EEvery time you speak
C DSomehow you fight
E BSomething's just crazy
C DSomehow it's taking all the life left in you
C Gshe's had time to heal
E DAnd she doesn't need you any longer and you
C GHad time to drink
E D BAnd you call her to tell her you've gotten much stronger
C DAt three in the morning she says stop calling cause...
G EEveryone's asleep
C DSome of us work
E BYou're driving me crazy
C DWhen will you get on with my life
C D GNow every nights Friday night
E CPicking fights with your friends
D BSomehow trying to make amends
C D GSo you search for comfort in a friend
E CIt's not the same she won't understand
DYou both learned to think alike
So what was so wrong
CWhere's she tonight
D G EOut there drinking while you're left in thinking
C DIt's taken all the life left in you
GYou're losing ground
BCarrying that torch
EYou're not asking for much
CStill somehow
GYou'll wait for her
BYou say she'll return
E CBut you still carry that torch
DThat girl
G B E D C ===============================================================================
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