Johan – I Mean I Guess chords

A  - x02220
D  - xx0232
G  - 320003
F#m- 244222
Em - 022000
B7 - x21202

Am   D   G   Em
Am   D   B7

DIt doesn't ease the mind
GDoesn't vanish over night
A D The match you're craving for it's waiting deep inside
BmI wouldn't hold my breath
D EAnd this one's taking much too long
A F#m I mean it's easier this way
ALet me be your guide
Em F#mCause underneath this smiling face
G ABuried in your eyes
Em F#mThere's a sadness coming through
G AReaching your disguise
Take this helping hand Shake it I will be a friend I guess it hurts when all is wrong but then again You shouldn't waste your time That it's you were wasting mine I mean you wanted this and more Let me make it right Cause underneath this weary face Buried in your eyes There's a devil coming through Reaching your disguise [chorus:]
Em F#m Now I'm not here to fool around
G A To comfort you or put you down
Em F#m I am just a sad belief
G A A wonder trunk for all your grief
What's the use of climbing up the wall?
Where's the sense in trying when it all must fall? Em F#m G A Em F#m G A Ah... [chorus]
DThere's nothing more to say
GNothing left for me to stay
A DI mean I guess I'm on my way
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