John Anderson - Seminole Wind tab

                John Anderson - Seminole Wind
                   Greatest Hits (1994)

Intro :  Em  G  D  A  (x4)   (the part with that awesome fiddle... you know the one.)

Verse 1: Em G Ever since the days of old, D A Men would search for wealth untold. Em G They'd dig for silver and for gold, D A And leave the empty holes. Em G And way down south in the Everglades, D A Where the black water rolls and the saw grass sways. Em G The eagles fly and the otters play, D A In the land of the Seminole. Chorus: Em G So blow, blow Seminole wind, D A Blow like you're never gonna blow again. Em G I'm calling to you like a long lost friend, D A But I know who you are. Em G And blow, blow from the Okeechobee, D A All the way up to Micanopy. Em G Blow across the home of the Seminole, D A The alligators and the gar. Break: Em G D A (x 2) HERE IS THE AWESOME SOLO I PUT IN THIS SONG ITS A COOL SONG SO YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT LONG AS YOU DONT GET TO FAR FROM THE MELODY(this is just an example!)
gets faste----------------10-----10h12-|-12-------12---12---12---12---12-15-12---12--|B-10~-10-8-10/12----12~-------|---15b(17)--15b--15b--15b--15b--------15-----|G-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------|---------------------------------------------|
e-15-12-15-12----12--|B-------------15-----|etc. just keep playing in the blues scale until yourG--------------------| done.D--------------------| (make sure you end up in an E note!)A--------------------|E--------------------|---------------------|
Verse 2: Em G Progress came and took its toll, D A And in the name of flood control, Em G They made their plans and they drained the land, D A Now the glades are going dry. Em G And the last time I walked in the swamp, D A I sat upon a Cypress stump, Em G I listened close and I heard the ghost, D A Of Osceola cry. Chorus Instrumental / Outro : Em G D A (x5) Em ( here i usually play and awesome solo or something but you can just play the intro if want for a sentimental ending)
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