John Anderson - Straight Tequila Night tab

         Straight Tequila Night
              John Anderson

Intro Chords:
 F#m   E
 F#m   E

-2-2--x-(x)--2-2--x-(x)--0------------|-2-2--x-(x)--2-2--x-(x)--0------------|-2-2--x-(x)--2-2--x-(x)--1--let ring--| X2-4-4--x-(x)--4-4--x-(x)--2------------|-4-4--x-(x)--4-4--x-(x)--2------------|-2-2--x-(x)--2-2--x-(x)--0------------|
it helps if you play the chords like this
A E D---0-(0)---0-(0)----2-(2)--2-(2)-------------------------|---2-(0)---0-(0)----3-(3)--3-(3)-------------------------|---2-(0)---1-(0)----2-(2)--2-(2)-------------------------|---2-(0)---2-(0)--0--------0-----------------------------|-0---(0)---2-(0)---------0-------------------------------|---------0-----------------------------------------------|
A E D If you really wanna know, she comes here alot A E D She just loves to hear the music and dance A E D A E D K-13 is her favorite song, if you play it you might have a chance
(right here play alternating bass notes for the chords)EXAMPLE... F#m (F#m) E (E) D (D) E (E)---2-(2----2-(2)----0-(0)---0-(0)---|---2-(2)---2-(2)----0-(0)---0-(0)---|---2-(2)---2-(2)----1-(1)---1-(1)---|---4-(4)-4----------2-(2)-2---------|---4-(4)------------2-(2)-----------|-2---(2)----------0-----------------|
F#m E Tonight she's only sipping white wine D E She's friendly and fun loving most of the time
Chorus A E D E A---0-(0)---0-(0)----2-(0)---0-(0)----0-(0)-------------------------|---2-(0)---0-(0)----3-(0)---0-(0)----2-(0)-------------------------|---2-(0)---1-(0)----2-(0)---1-(0)----2-(0)----JUST KEEP REPEATING--|---2-(0)---2-(0)--0---------2-(0)----2-(0)-------------------------|-0---(0)---2-(0)------------2-(0)--0---(0)-------------------------|---------0----------------0----------------------------------------|
A E D E A But don't ask her on a straight tequila night A E D E A She'll start thinking about him, then she's ready to fight E D E A Blames her broken heart on every man in sight E D E F#m E F#m E On a straight tequila night(right here play the intro) VERSE2 A E D Here's a glass of Chablis, some quarters in change A E D Maybe you can turn her love life around A E D Then she won't need the salt or the lime anymore A E D To shoot that old memory down
(right here play alternating bass notes for the chords)EXAMPLE... F#m (F#m) E (E)---2-(2----2-(2)----0-(0)---0-(0)---|---2-(2)---2-(2)----0-(0)---0-(0)---|---2-(2)---2-(2)----1-(1)---1-(1)---|---4-(4)-4----------2-(2)-2---------|---4-(4)------------2-(2)-----------|-2---(2)----------0-----------------|
F#m E Just remember her heart's on the mend D E If you ever come back to see her again Chorus Chorus (dont end chorus with F#M,E,F#m,E when you get here just go straight back into chorus beginning and he repeats until faded out) hope this helps
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