John Butler Trio - Gonna Be A Long Time tab

My first tab ever. This is a very easy song, just a few chords and a very catchy rhythm pattern.

John Butler Trio
Gonna be a long time
From the album April Uprising

x: silence, percusive note

Intro, verse and chorus (take care of the syncopated rhythm and the silences):

G G Bm Bm Em Em A Ae---x-3-x-3--x-7-x-7--x-0-x-0--x-0-x-0---]B---x-3-x-3--x-7-x-7--x-0-x-0--x-2-x-2---]G---x-4-x-4--x-7-x-7--x-0-x-0--x-2-x-2---]D---x-5-x-5--x-9-x-9--x-2-x-2--x-2-x-2---]A---x-5-x-5--x-9-x-9--x-2-x-2--x-0-x-0---]E---x-3-x-3--x-7-x-7--x-0-x-0--x---x-----]
Bridge (i use this rhythm, but just try to get the feel of the song):
C C C C D D A Ae------------------------------------------------------------]B-----3--x----3----3--x----3------5--x----5-----0--x-----0---]G-----5--x----5----5--x----5------7--x----7-----2--x-----2---]D-----5--x----5----5--x----5------7--x----7-----2--x-----2---]A---3----x--3----3----x--3------5----x--5-----0----x--0------]E------------------------------------------------------------]
And that´s all. This is not a very exhaustive tab (there´s no solo, and probably there are some chords changes that i don´t have listed ), but i hope that it will be helpful. Have fun! (comments:
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