John Butler Trio – Johnnys Gone chords


G5 A5 F5 x 4

[Verse 1]

G5 A5Johnny's in the backseat of the car
F5Driving don't know where he's going
G5 A5Yes we got a full tank yeah by far
F5But we are empty rolling
G5 A5And we've forgotten so many passenger
F5And you know the car is stolen.
G5 A5I'm freakin in the front seat now, yeah,
F5Sittin with a gun that's smoking
[Verse 2]
G5 A5Johnny went and shocked everyone
F5Deputy Sheriff for robbing the bank
G5 A5But he ain't after silver of gold,
F5He just a slice of the yellowcake.
G5 A5He's swishing flies with big sledge hammers, yeah
F5You know he's running the show.
G5 A5He thinks he is the big boss
F5Man but he straight up outta control
G5 A5 F5He gone, gone, gone yes he gone. Gone yes he gone, gone
G5 A5 F5 x 2 [Verse 3]
G5 A5Johnny's in the races being two face-ist
F5He really don't know what for
G5 A5He got cops a'chasing, the music he ain't facing,
F5Pedal right down to the floor.
G5 A5His ideology is cracy as can be,
F5It's all about the top score.
G5 A5He once upheld the the law,
F5he heading for the wall
G5 A5 F5And all we got to say is, and all we got to say is
G5 A5 F5 G5He gone, gone, gone yes he gone. Gone yes he gone, Gone
A5 F5 G5 A5 F5 [Verse 4]
G5 A5Johnny's indicating, blinkers on
F5But you know'man he ain't turning
G5 A5Yes he got his mind made up oh,
F5even though he ears are burning.
G5 A5He looking' in the rear view mirror now,
F5See the chasing lights go spinning round,
G5 A5Sirens and alarm bells ringing out,
F5But Johnny don't hear no sound...
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