John Butler Trio - Media tab

this is a great song but this tab is definetly not perfect

capo 2 fret (everything relative to capo)introe------------2--2-2---------------2-|B---------------3-3---------3-----3-|G---------2-----2-2---------------2-|D---------------0-0------0--------0-|A-----------------------------------|E--3(play with thumb)-0-------------|
you can play around with that pick pattern but thatis pretty much it.versee-------------2---------------|B-----------------------------|G---------2-------------------|D-------0---------------------|A-----------------------------|E--3--------------0----0----0-|
it then starts to get louder and you start to strum these chordse--2-------2--|B--3-------3--|G--2-------2--|D--0-------0--|A--0-------0--|E--3-------0--|
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